People Protested Against Tripura Tribal Welfare Minister Rampada Jamatia


Tripura Tribal’s welfare Minister Rampada Jamatia was intended to be present at the Administrative cum Health Camp held on Friday but allegedly being opposed by common people at Darkamura (Simmna).

Thousand of common people of that particular area have shown grief and disapproval towards the minister.

The minister has also faced the wrath of the people for being the wrong leader; ultimately being attacked.

“Patal Kanya Go Back” was the roaring statement from people protesting which has shown a solemn dispute after acknowledging BJP Vice President Patal Kanya Jamatia to be present at the program. Such a situation has been witnessed during the past few days in Tripura.

The policemen and TSR personnel came to the rescue during the protest. There has been information about people being injured and attacked by police during the protest.

The question arises here why did common people go against the Welfare of Tribal Minister Rampada Jamatia and BJP Vice-President Patal Kanya Jamatia by violating the law and order?