Ministry of Power secretary attends Mizoram electricity review meet


In a significant move towards strengthening Mizoram’s power and electricity sector, the Secretary of the Ministry of Power, Alok Kumar, attended a review meeting on Sunday. The meeting aimed to assess the current state of the state’s power infrastructure, discuss ongoing projects, and identify areas for improvement.

The presence of Secretary Alok Kumar, a prominent figure in the Indian government, underscores the government’s commitment to addressing the challenges and ensuring the reliable supply of electricity in Mizoram. The review meeting provided a platform for key stakeholders, including government officials, power department representatives, and industry experts, to collaborate and share insights.

During the meeting, Secretary Alok Kumar emphasized the importance of uninterrupted power supply and the need to bridge the demand-supply gap in Mizoram. He acknowledged the unique challenges faced by the state, such as its hilly terrain and remote areas, and expressed the government’s determination to overcome these obstacles.

Various topics were discussed, including the progress of ongoing power projects, the status of electrification in rural areas, and the implementation of renewable energy initiatives. The participants also deliberated on strategies to enhance energy efficiency, promote sustainable practices, and ensure affordable electricity tariffs for consumers.

Secretary Alok Kumar lauded Mizoram’s efforts in harnessing renewable energy sources and encouraged further exploration of clean energy options. He stressed the importance of a balanced energy mix, combining conventional and renewable sources, to ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly power sector.

The meeting provided an opportunity to address issues related to transmission and distribution losses, grid stability, and power infrastructure upgradation. Secretary Alok Kumar assured the Mizoram government of the Ministry of Power’s support in implementing necessary reforms and infrastructure development to meet the growing energy demands of the state.

The Mizoram Power and Electricity work review meeting served as a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and decision-making. The discussions held during this session will help in formulating a comprehensive roadmap for the future development of Mizoram’s power and electricity sector.

With the Ministry of Power’s active involvement and Secretary Alok Kumar’s guidance, Mizoram can expect to witness significant progress in its power infrastructure, improved electricity access, and enhanced energy sustainability. The review meeting marks a step forward in the joint efforts of the central and state governments towards achieving a robust and reliable power system in Mizoram.



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