Manipur: Internet suspension extended till May 31


In light of ongoing sporadic incidents of violence in Imphal, the Manipur government has announced a further extension of the suspension of internet services in the trouble-torn state. The decision, made on Saturday, aims to maintain law and order while authorities work towards restoring peace and stability in the region.

The extension, set to last for an additional five days, highlights the government’s commitment to addressing the prevailing challenges and ensuring the safety of its citizens. By temporarily restricting internet access, the administration aims to prevent the spread of misinformation, control the dissemination of inflammatory content, and curb any potential escalation of tensions.

The decision to extend the internet suspension underscores the authorities’ priority of maintaining public safety and averting any untoward incidents. While acknowledging the inconvenience caused to residents, the government views this as a necessary step to safeguard the larger interests of the population.

During this period, it is crucial for individuals to stay informed through reliable news sources, local authorities, and official government channels for updates on the situation. By relying on verified information, residents can contribute to an environment of understanding and cooperation, assisting the authorities in their efforts to restore normalcy swiftly.

The Manipur government continues to work diligently towards resolving the underlying issues and implementing measures that promote peace and stability. It is expected that the temporary suspension of internet services will serve as a valuable tool in controlling the situation and facilitating dialogue between all stakeholders.

As the situation evolves, it is advisable for residents to exercise caution, remain vigilant, and cooperate with the authorities. By adhering to the guidelines set forth by the government, individuals can collectively contribute to the restoration of peace and harmony in Imphal.

While the temporary extension of internet suspension may present challenges, the government’s focus on maintaining security and fostering a peaceful environment stands as a testament to their commitment to the welfare of the people. As efforts to address the situation continue, it is hoped that normalcy will be restored soon, allowing residents to resume their daily activities without any further disruptions.



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