Mizoram Battles African Swine Fever Outbreak


Mizoram is currently facing a serious outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) in its capital, Aizawl, as well as in the districts of Champhai and Saitual.

Toll from the Outbreak

The toll from the ASF outbreak in Mizoram is alarming, with 174 pigs dead and an additional 68 pigs culled as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of the disease.

In response to the outbreak, authorities in Mizoram have implemented stringent measures. These include banning the sale or slaughter of pigs and prohibiting the import or export of pork in the affected areas. Several villages and localities in the affected districts have been designated as contaminated zones.

Between May 08 of the previous year and April 22 of the current year, a total of 1213 pigs fell victim to ASF in Mizoram, with 1009 pigs culled during this period. Dr. M Zohmingthangi, deputy director of disease investigation and epidemiology, highlighted that while ASF has spread across Mizoram, sporadic outbreaks of lesser severity continue to occur.

Devastating Consequences

The ASF outbreak in 2021 had devastating consequences for Mizoram, resulting in significant losses to its pig population. The state incurred a staggering loss of Rs 534.42 crores during the first and second waves of the disease.



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