Tripura Declares Heat Wave as State-Specific Disaster


The Tripura government has taken decisive action in response to the ongoing heat wave, declaring it a “state specific disaster” and issuing a comprehensive set of directives to safeguard the well-being of its citizens.

Government Directives

The government’s advisory mandates district administrations to activate emergency operation centres promptly. It emphasizes the importance of preparedness by mobilizing quick response teams and ensuring the availability of essential resources across Tripura.

With a focus on citizen safety, uninterrupted power supply to all areas of Tripura is prioritized. Collaboration with key agencies is emphasized to enhance coordination efforts and address emerging challenges effectively.

Medical experts have expressed concerns about prolonged exposure to the scorching heat, highlighting potential health risks such as sun strokes. Heat wave, sun stroke, and sunburn have been officially recognized as “state specific disasters.”

District disaster management authorities are urged to conduct extensive awareness campaigns through various media channels. They are tasked with disseminating weather updates, providing safe drinking water, and establishing shaded areas in public spaces. Medical assistance will be extended to vulnerable communities.

Individuals are advised to limit outdoor activities, especially during the peak hours of heat between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Increasing water intake is recommended to prevent dehydration. Wearing lightweight, light-colored cotton clothing, along with protective gear like goggles and hats, is encouraged. Avoiding dehydration-inducing beverages and refraining from consuming high-protein or stale food is also advised.

Farmers are instructed to prioritize irrigation for summer maize, pulses, and other crops. Proper shelter and ventilation for animals during the afternoon heat are emphasized to ensure their well-being.



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