Monsoon Rainfall in Tripura Still 19% Below Normal in First Two Months


Despite witnessing substantial rainfall over the past two months, Tripura continues to grapple with a rainfall deficit of 19% below the normal average, according to the latest data released by the Meteorological Centre in Agartala.

During July of this year, the state experienced a relatively typical amount of rainfall, with a total recorded precipitation of 285.7 millimeters. District-wise, Amarpur and Gomatli witnessed the highest rainfall, measuring 490.9 millimeters, while Belonia recorded the lowest at 144.6 millimeters.

Notably, the capital city, Agartala, received 222.4 millimeters of rainfall during July alone. However, despite this localized intensity, the overall monsoon rainfall for the entire season remains below the usual yearly average.

Weather records from Agartala airport reveal that the maximum temperature reached 37.0 degrees Celsius until 22nd July, while the minimum temperature dipped to 14.7 degrees Celsius. The data presented in the press note suggests that the cumulative monsoon rainfall is likely to fall short of the expected normal levels.

As Tripura grapples with this rain shortfall, experts and authorities are keeping a watchful eye on the evolving weather patterns, hoping for a shift that could potentially alleviate the deficit and bring relief to the region.



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