MSU Warns Manipur CM on ‘Zo People’ Deportation


The Mizo Students’ Union (MSU) in Mizoram has issued a strong warning to Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh regarding his recent proposal for the deportation of individuals who entered and settled in Manipur after 1961. The MSU firmly conveyed that if any “Zo people” are deported from Manipur, the Meiteis residing in Mizoram will also be compelled to leave the state.

Counter Warning by MSU

In a bold statement, the MSU asserted that it possesses detailed information, including names, employment details, and addresses, of all Meiteis currently residing in Mizoram. This counter-warning reflects the seriousness with which the Mizoram Students’ Union views the deportation proposal made by Manipur’s Chief Minister.

Manipur CM Biren Singh had previously declared that regardless of caste or community, individuals entering the state after 1961 would be identified and deported. This statement came in the context of addressing the issue of over 12,000 refugees from Myanmar currently residing in various districts of Manipur.

The Manipur CM’s Secretariat, in a released statement, clarified that the deportation initiative is tied to the base year for the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system, which is 1961. The ILP system regulates the entry and stay of individuals from other parts of the world in Manipur.

This move by the Manipur CM has stirred tensions between the two states, prompting the MSU to respond with a strong stance against the proposed deportation of “Zo people.” The situation remains sensitive, with potential implications for the communities residing in both Mizoram and Manipur.



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