Nagaland CM Acknowledges Urgency in Naga Political Issue Resolution


Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio has recognized the pressing need to address the Naga political issue urgently. Various speakers have voiced concerns about fostering a peaceful atmosphere in Nagaland and arriving at a logical and peaceful conclusion through a spirit of compromise.

Legislative Advocacy for Resolution

Neiphiu Rio highlighted the consistent efforts of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) in providing ample time for discussion during each session. The assembly has passed resolutions advocating for an early and peaceful resolution of the Naga Political Issue.

Expressing optimism, Rio stated, “We anticipate witnessing the ultimate and peaceful resolution of the Naga Political Issue during the tenure of this House.” This sentiment reflects the collective determination of the assembly to work towards a resolution that addresses the longstanding issue.

Chief Minister Rio also underscored the significance of the Free Movement Regime (FMR), especially for those residing in border areas. Describing it as a ‘serious’ matter, he assured that the Nagaland government is fully aware of the situation and has corresponded with the union government regarding this issue.

Addressing the concerns arising from the central government’s announcement to suspend the FMR and propose border fencing, Rio affirmed that the Nagaland government has conveyed its apprehensions to the central authorities. The government urges the Centre to continue the FMR and collaborate in developing regulations in consultation with the affected communities in border regions.

Rio emphasized that collaborative efforts would ensure the incorporation of everyone’s concerns and the formulation of FMR arrangements beneficial to all parties involved. This approach reflects a commitment to inclusive decision-making and addressing the needs of the communities affected by border issues.



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