Miscreants Attempt Railway Wire Theft, Disrupt Train Service in Assam’s Jorhat


In a disruptive incident in Jorhat district of eastern Assam, miscreants attempted to steal newly installed electric wires near Selenghat station on Tuesday night. The brazen act led to the disruption of train services on the route between Simaluguri Jn and Mariani Jn stations.

Tampering Incident Involving Rajdhani Express

The attempt to steal electric wires occurred in the vicinity of Selenghat station, and although the wires were not yet operational, a few coaches of the Dibrugarh-New Delhi Rajdhani Express (20503) traveling towards Mariani Jn became entangled with the tampered wires. The entanglement prompted railway officials to take immediate action.

Railway officials swiftly deployed technical personnel from Mariani Jn to address the issue. The team worked diligently to clear the entangled wires and restore normalcy to the affected section of the railway line.

The incident resulted in significant delays for multiple trains operating in the region. Trains such as the Vivek Express, Kamrup Express, and two Dibrugarh-New Delhi Rajdhani Expresses experienced disruptions in their schedules. Services resumed after the successful clearing of the entangled wires from the 20503 Rajdhani Express at around 1:35 am.

Officials reported that trains originating from Dibrugarh on Tuesday are running over four hours behind schedule due to the disruption caused by the attempted theft of electric wires. This incident highlights the challenges faced by the railway authorities in maintaining the integrity and security of railway infrastructure.



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