Tripura: Pradyot Debbarma Rushes to Delhi Amid Hunger Strike


In a dramatic turn of events, Pradyot Debbarma, the former chairman of TIPRA party and scion of the Tripura royal family, abruptly ended his indefinite hunger strike in Hatai Kotor, Tripura, and rushed to Delhi upon receiving a call from the central government.

Central Government’s Call Interrupts Hunger Strike

Pradyot Debbarma, who had initiated an indefinite hunger strike, demanding a constitutional solution, was addressing a gathering when he received a call from the central government. The call, passed on by the leader of the opposition and TIPRA MLA, Animesh Debbarma, prompted Pradyot to make a sudden announcement.

Amidst the crowd, Pradyot declared, “I need to go to Delhi. Just received a call. We shouldn’t celebrate now. The central government asked me to come to Delhi immediately. Should I go? I must. But there will be no celebration. We shouldn’t repeat past mistakes. Take this seriously. I will go to Delhi, speak to them, but won’t compromise.”

Emphasizing his commitment, Pradyot affirmed his resolve to travel to Delhi on an empty stomach and vowed not to consume food until receiving positive news. He sought the blessings of the indigenous people and assured them of pursuing a constitutional solution.

Expressing gratitude for the central government’s response, Pradyot said, “I appreciate the call from Delhi and thank them for hearing our indigenous people’s voice. I won’t return empty-handed.”

Before leaving, Pradyot instructed the Youth TIPRA Federation to maintain the stage in his absence. He assured the crowd that if there’s good news, he would address them from the same stage upon his return.

In this unexpected development, Pradyot Debbarma’s journey to Delhi underscores the urgency and seriousness with which the central government has responded to the call for a constitutional solution.



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