Nine Rohingyas Found In Agartala Railway Station : Got Arrested


On December 20, about nine Rohingyas got arrested at Agartala railway station. The railway protection force of North East Frontier Railway was doing a check on the railway station in Agartala. And there, they found a few people who did not have any documentation. The check was done to see the illegal migrants in the city.

While checking, they suspected about nine people without any documentation. All were Bangladeshi, of which five of them were females, and four of them were males. At first, they did not tell anything about them the NFR. But later, they confessed to the NFR and told about their actual belongings.

All nine people accepted in front of the NFR that they are from Bangladesh belonging to Myanmar origin. Further, after the whole interrogation and confession of those nine Rohingyas, they were brought to the police. And later, were given to Government Railway Police to look after in Agartala.