ONGC Employee, Driver Arrested in Tripura Fuel Theft Case


Tripura Police have arrested two individuals in connection with a fuel theft case reported by ONGC authorities. The arrests came after ONGC filed a complaint regarding the theft of 620 litres of diesel from their fuel station at Badharghat. Among those apprehended are an ONGC employee and his accomplice, identified as the driver of the vehicle used in the theft.

According to police sources, the theft occurred during the late hours of Tuesday night, when the accused duo allegedly siphoned off diesel from the ONGC fuel station without authorization. The incident came to light during a routine inspection by ONGC staff, who noticed discrepancies in the fuel inventory.

Upon further investigation, police recovered evidence linking the suspects to the crime, including CCTV footage showing them near the fuel station premises at the time of the theft. Both individuals were taken into custody based on this evidence and statements obtained during the initial interrogation.

The arrests have raised concerns within ONGC and the local community about security measures at fuel stations across Tripura. Authorities have emphasized the need for enhanced vigilance and stricter protocols to prevent such incidents in the future. They have assured the public of their commitment to safeguarding ONGC’s assets and ensuring the integrity of fuel distribution operations in the region.

Meanwhile, the accused are facing charges under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code pertaining to theft and criminal conspiracy. The police investigation is ongoing to determine the full extent of their involvement and any potential accomplices.

ONGC officials have expressed disappointment over the incident, highlighting the importance of trust and responsibility among employees. They have pledged to review and strengthen existing security measures at all fuel stations under their jurisdiction to prevent similar occurrences.

As the case progresses, local authorities have urged the public to report any suspicious activities or unauthorized access to fuel stations, emphasizing the role of community cooperation in maintaining security. The arrests serve as a reminder of the need for stringent monitoring and adherence to legal guidelines in the handling of sensitive resources like fuel.



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