Parties Engaged In Developing Different Approaches For The State Assembly Elections In Tripura

Tripura assembly election

The opposition Communist Party of India and the Congress have united to take on the Bharatiya Janata Party, which has already declared that it plans to keep its alliance with the local tribal organization the Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura, in the battle lines for elections to the 60-member legislature in Tripura.

Tipra Motha, a newly introduced tribal party that won the autonomous district council elections within months of its founding, is still looking for allies to compete in the elections as none of the state’s main parties have endorsed its desire for a separate state or Tiprasa.

The saffron Party in Tripura, which was able to defeat the deeply embedded Left regime Party in the state, is trying to promote its double-engine development benefit to win over the hearts or support of the people.

In contrast, the Left regime Party which is now a weaker version of what it once was, along with the Communist Party of India, is trying to make a comeback in the state by relying on two major principles: corruption and misrule said BJP. The Congress and the CPIM together ally the upcoming state assembly elections in Tripura.



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