Politics Sparked on the Muslim Minister’s Entry into Vishnupad Temple


The entry of Minister Israel Mansoori into Gaya’s Vishnupad temple with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has taken the form of Politics. A BJP’s firebrand MLA Hari Bhushan Thakur Bachaul has attacked the government after the minister in charge went inside the Vishnupad temple. He said that the entry of non-Hindus is prohibited in the temple. Its board is also installed. Despite this, the minister has done wrong by going there. Apart from these, Minister Israel Mansoori has described it as a privilege to visit the Vishnupad temple. However, the chairman of the temple management committee, Shambhu Lal Vitthal, said that due to a lack of information, the minister went to the sanctum sanctorum.

CM Nitish worshiped Vishnupad

CM Nitish Kumar reached Gaya on Monday to take stock of the preparations for the Pitrupaksha fair. First of all, he offered prayers at the historic Vishnupad temple. During this, along with the CM, many officials and Information Technology Minister Israel Mansoori also went to the sanctum. When people came to know about this, people expressed their displeasure. Here the minister has described it as good luck to go to the temple. He said that along with the CM, he also got a chance to see Vishnupad, he considers it fortunate.

Minister went inside due to a lack of information

On this, the minister in charge, Shambhu Lal Bitthal, chairman of Vishnupad Management Committee, said that due to lack of information, the minister in charge had gone to the sanctum sanctorum. When the committee got this information, the sanctum sanctorum was washed with holy water and special prayers were offered to Vishnu Charan. He also said that the incident has angered the committee. The administrative officers should have informed the minister in charge of this matter. In the future, the committee will take precautions. The incident should not be repeated. The temple committee secretary, Gajadhar Lal Pathak, said that entry is prohibited. If we knew, we would have stopped them. Now this will be discussed in our committee meeting.