Pradyut Kishore Manikya, Tipra Motha Chief, Rejects Personal Post Negotiation


Pradyut Kishore Manikya, the Chief of the newly formed Tipra Motha Party, has declared that he is not interested in negotiating for a personal post in the Tripura Assembly elections which were held on 16 February.

The former royal scion of the Manikya dynasty, Pradyut Kishore Manikya, has been making waves in Tripura’s political landscape since the formation of his party, Tipra Motha. With the Tripura Assembly elections held on 16 February. Speculations have been rife about the political future of Pradyut Kishore Manikya, with many wondering if he would negotiate for a personal post if his party were to form an alliance with any major party.

However, Manikya has made it clear that he is not interested in such negotiations. “I am not here to negotiate for a personal post,” he said at a recent press conference. “My only objective is to work for the welfare of the people of Tripura and to ensure that their rights are protected.”

Manikya’s statement comes at a time when political parties in Tripura are known to have indulged in horse trading and negotiations for personal gains. His refusal to indulge in such activities is being seen as a refreshing change in the state’s political landscape.

The Tipra Motha Chief has been vocal about his party’s agenda, which focuses on the empowerment of the indigenous people of Tripura. He has also been critical of the ruling BJP-IPFT government in the state, accusing them of neglecting the interests of the indigenous people.

Tripura Assembly elections are crucial for the political future of Tripura, with all major parties eyeing a victory. Manikya’s refusal to negotiate for a personal post is likely to earn him the support and respect of the people of Tripura, who are known to value honesty and integrity in their leaders.

Pradyut Kishore Manikya’s refusal to negotiate for a personal post has set him apart from the traditional politicians of Tripura. His commitment to working for the welfare of the people of Tripura is likely to resonate with voters in the upcoming elections.



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