Priyanka to Visit Tripura on January 11


Even though the election has not been announced, the opposition parties are not behind to heat up the political arena along with the ruling party. While the ruling party has started to intensify the election campaign through ‘Jana Biswas’ yatra across the state.

Similarly, the main opposition parties CPM and Congress have already started intensifying the election campaign by bringing in star campaigners. However, these two parties have limited themselves to initial organizational meetings. For that purpose, a one-day state committee meeting will be held on January 10 in the presence of CPM central committee members Sitaram Yechury and Prakash Karat.

It is known that in the meeting of the state committee, apart from various agendas, the main topic of discussion will be the clash between CPM and Congress. On the other hand, the Congress party is also giving maximum importance to organizational meetings in the same way. Former Union Minister Deepa Das Munshi is already staying in the state.

He is in charge of the Screening Committee of the State Congress. He came to the state on Saturday and from that day met the leaders of various levels of the state Congress. Today i.e., Sunday, he held several rounds of meetings with district and block level representatives in the capital’s congress building. Former minister Deepa Das Munshi’s views on CPM-Congress alliance from district and block level representatives at Sunday’s meeting.



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