Railway Board’s Decision to Reroute Kanchanjunga Express via Sabroom Awaited

Kanchanjunga Express

In a significant development for the connectivity and convenience of travelers in Tripura, the Agartala-Sealdah (Calcutta) Kanchanjunga Express is set to embark on its journey from Sabroom, with Agartala as its final destination. This decision, made by the railway board, marks a significant shift in the transportation landscape of the region.

Starting from Sabroom at 6:20 AM on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Kanchanjunga Express is expected to provide a vital link between the southern town of Sabroom and the capital city of Agartala. This move has been eagerly awaited by both the local residents of Sabroom and the political leaders who championed the cause.

The decision to reroute the Kanchanjunga Express was a direct outcome of a deputation presented by leaders from the Communist Party of India (Marxist), or CPI (M), to the Northeast Frontier (NF) Railway Authority in Maligaon, Guwahati, earlier this year in June. The delegation, led by CITU General Secretary and former Member of Parliament, Sankar Prasad Dutta, advocated for two essential changes: the rerouting of the Tripura Sundari Express and Kanchanjunga Express via Sabroom and the introduction of additional demo trains between Agartala and Sabroom on a daily basis.

While the decision by the railway board has been met with enthusiasm by the people of Sabroom and the CPI (M) leaders who lobbied for it, there remains a degree of anticipation regarding its implementation timeline. Notably, approximately eleven months ago, the railway board had announced its intention to start the Agartala-Deogahr Express from Sabroom, a decision that is yet to materialize. Additionally, a separate decision made by the railway board to operate a demo train between Agartala and Sabroom in the afternoon, taken two months ago, is still pending implementation.

Despite these delays, the CPI (M) leaders are hopeful that all these decisions will be executed in due course. The enhanced connectivity and improved railway services are expected to boost tourism, trade, and overall development in the region, offering a brighter future for the residents of Sabroom and the surrounding areas.



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