Rajnath Singh Says Within 5 More Years He Will Make Tripura No. 1


The defense minister of Tripura Rajnath Singh, says giving 5 more years, he would turn Tripura into a number one state. He talked about the BJP government and its transformation over the last 5 years.

In an election rally with chief minister Manik Saha, he said, “Fences have been erected along the Tripura-Bangladesh border to prevent illegal entry from across the border. Under Congress and CPM governments, this wasn’t done. Work started when BJP formed the government at the Centre.”

He even claims that for the coming assembly polls in Tripura BJP will win about 50 seats out of 60 seats. The seat-sharing agreement between Congress and CPM is a “jugalbandi between a flute that does not produce sound and a sitar with torn strings”.

Further, he said, “During communist rule in Tripura, militancy was at its peak. But after BJP came, the situation changed.” In his further speech, he said, “India was earlier known as a weak nation. But now, the whole world is aware that India is a strong country.”

The BJP is in full confidence. Tripura assembly polls are going to start from February 16. And the counting will take place in March 2nd.



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