Rehabilitation Promises Unfulfilled: Occupants of Forest Land Near Tripura-Mizoram Border Asked to Vacate


The North Tripura district administration has issued a notice to illegal occupants of forest and patta land near Kanchanpur town, along the Tripura-Mizoram border, asking them to vacate the land by April 23. District magistrate Nagesh Kumar B held meetings with the families, who claimed to be surrendered militants and had accepted the government’s rehabilitation package, but alleged that the government had failed to fulfill its promises of providing housing and livelihood options. Over 3,500 people of 1,250 families had built bamboo thatches on both sides of the road, which was earlier allotted to Chakma families under the Right to Forest Act and the forest department. The occupants expressed their desire for peace and to prevent future generations from getting involved in insurgency or extortion, but emphasized the need for food and shelter for their families.

The government of Tripura has shouldered the burden of 37,000 displaced Brus from Mizoram based on a quadripartite agreement, while the occupants of the forest and patta land alleged that their own demands for rehabilitation have not been met despite multiple discussions with the government. The district administration has advised the families to submit their documents for verification of their claims and vacate the land by the given deadline. The situation highlights the challenges of addressing land rights and rehabilitation issues in the region, and the need for comprehensive solutions to ensure the well-being and livelihoods of all stakeholders involved.



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