Reviving Kailasahar Airport: A New Chapter in Northeastern Connectivity


The Airport Authority of India (AAI) has embarked on a new endeavor to breathe life into the long-unused Kailasahar Airport, signaling a renewed commitment to enhancing connectivity in the region. A team of experts conducted a site visit on Monday, demonstrating AAI’s eagerness to expedite the airport’s operationalization.

Phased Development Plan:

The revival plan for Kailasahar Airport is structured in two phases, each with a distinct focus. In the first phase, the emphasis will be on refurbishing the existing runway to accommodate small aircraft. This step aims to enable the airport to facilitate regional air travel promptly. The second phase is more ambitious, involving a comprehensive remodeling of the entire airport infrastructure to accommodate larger aircraft for domestic and potentially international routes.

Expert Assessment:

An 11-member expert team, comprising three members from Delhi, three from Guwahati, and five from Agartala, conducted a detailed assessment of the airport site. The team collaborated with officials from the Revenue Department to survey the land. Subsequently, they held a meeting with the District Magistrate to discuss the project’s progress. Additional visits by more expert teams are anticipated before commencing the development work.

Interest from Airlines:

Notably, airlines have already expressed interest in operating flights from Kailasahar Airport. SpiceJet and Alliance Airways have both demonstrated a keen interest in the endeavor. While SpiceJet lacks the appropriate small aircraft for operations in Kailasahar, Alliance Airways has indicated readiness to commence operations once the airport infrastructure is prepared.

The revival of Kailasahar Airport represents a significant step towards improving connectivity in the region, fostering economic development, and enhancing accessibility for residents and travelers alike. As AAI takes proactive steps to bring the airport back to life, it opens up opportunities for increased air travel options, potentially boosting tourism and commerce in the area. The reinvigorated Kailasahar Airport could soon become a vital hub for northeastern India, strengthening the nation’s air transport network and benefiting the local community.



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