Rice Stolen from Mid-day Meal at Baghan School, Parents and Students Protesting

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A heated situation has arisen in Baghan Higher Secondary School under Churaibari police station in North Tripura on the Tripura-Assam inter-state border over the theft of mid-day meal rice. The students and their guardians became very vocal in protesting the theft of rice allotted to the students at the respective schools. Reported to the police station. A police team raided the police station and recovered the stolen goods. However, till the time of writing this news, there was no news about the accused being detained or arrested for stealing rice. He is said to be returning.

It is reported that around six o’clock in the morning on Saturday, Abdul Mannan, the organizer of the mid-day meal of Baghan Higher Secondary School, was stopped by some local youths on his way to carry a bag of rice from the warehouse of the school’s mid-day meal on his bicycle. Ignoring their obstacles, he took the bag of rice to his home. Then the protesting youths informed the Churaibari police station and the police rushed to the spot.

By that time the people of the area gathered in the school premises and joined the protest. The police conducted an investigation and recovered a bicycle with rice from the kitchen of the organizer Abdul Mannan’s house and took it to the police station. However, the police could not catch the accused.

Meanwhile, it is alleged that members of Abdul’s house attacked the raiding police team. It has also been reported that a woman from Abdul Mannan’s house bit the finger of the sub-inspector on duty and assaulted him.

On the other hand, the cooks of the mid-day meal along with the young students of the school said that the organizer Abdul Mannan often steals the rice and pulses of the mid-day meal and takes it to his home. The complainants have expressed their anger that no action has been taken even after reporting this complaint against him for a long time.



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