Rising Above Silence: Mizoram CM Urged to Speak Out Against Manipur’s Ethnic Violence at NDA Meeting

Mizoram Youth Congress asks CM to use NDA

In a compelling move, the youth wing of Mizoram Congress has passionately called upon Chief Minister Zoramthanga to seize an opportunity to make a resounding impact on the national stage. The youth wing has urged the Chief Minister to attend the meeting convened by the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in Delhi on Tuesday and use the platform to raise his voice against the stoic silence of the Central government on the escalating ethnic violence in Manipur.

The ongoing turmoil in Manipur has sparked deep concern and distress across the nation, and the silence from the Centre has only added to the sense of urgency felt by many. In a bid to bring this pressing issue to the forefront of national consciousness, the Mizoram Congress is actively encouraging their Chief Minister to take a stand and use the NDA meeting as a powerful platform to advocate for immediate action and resolution.

Mizoram, a neighboring state to Manipur, shares close historical, cultural, and social ties with its fellow northeastern state. The escalating violence and unrest in Manipur have resonated deeply with the people of Mizoram, who see it not just as a regional crisis but as a national concern demanding collective attention.

The Congress youth wing believes that Chief Minister Zoramthanga’s presence at the NDA meeting could act as a catalyst for meaningful discussions and pave the way for constructive steps towards ending the violence. By voicing his concerns on a national platform, he can garner support from other states and urge the Central government to take decisive action to address the situation.

While the Mizoram Chief Minister’s leadership and statesmanship have earned him admiration both within his state and beyond, his presence at the NDA meeting presents an opportunity to further elevate his role on the national stage. By articulating the anxieties of the people of Mizoram and standing in solidarity with the victims of Manipur’s ethnic violence, Zoramthanga has a chance to showcase the collective spirit of India’s federal structure.

The Congress youth wing’s appeal to Chief Minister Zoramthanga comes at a crucial juncture when India needs leaders to rise above partisan interests and unite to address pressing national issues. By attending the NDA meeting and lending his voice to the cause, the Chief Minister can embody the true essence of cooperative federalism and set an example for others to follow.

As the nation eagerly awaits the outcomes of the NDA meeting, the people of Mizoram are hopeful that their Chief Minister’s intervention will yield positive results and lead to concrete measures to bring peace and stability back to Manipur. By transcending party lines and prioritizing the well-being of the nation, Chief Minister Zoramthanga can demonstrate that solidarity and empathy are the keystones of a united India.

The youth wing of Mizoram Congress’ call to Chief Minister Zoramthanga to attend the NDA meeting and raise his voice against the ongoing ethnic violence in Manipur is a rallying cry for unity and decisive action. As the nation grapples with this troubling crisis, it is the collective responsibility of all leaders to stand together and find lasting solutions. By acting now, Chief Minister Zoramthanga has the chance to shape a brighter future not just for Manipur but for the entire nation.



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