Rooftop Solar Initiative to Power Every Institution in Tripura


The state is set to embark on a comprehensive initiative to install rooftop solar systems in all public institutions. This ambitious project aims to liberate the state from its reliance on conventional power sources, fostering a more environmentally friendly and self-sustaining energy landscape.

The initiative, discussed and ratified in a pivotal meeting of Northeastern state power ministers in Delhi under the stewardship of Power Minister RK Singh, garnered unanimous support. The scope of the project extends from the state secretariat down to the grassroots level, encompassing Panchayat offices.

Ratan Lal Nath, the state’s Power Minister, participated in the meeting and affirmed the central government’s unwavering commitment to expediting the project. He emphasized that the Prime Minister’s directive to meet at least 50% of the state’s power demand through renewable resources underscores the urgency of this endeavor.

Nath elucidated that “all institutions” include not only schools and government offices but also various public establishments. Although the initial investment is substantial, the long-term benefits promise a significant reduction in power expenses. Moreover, private residences can also adopt rooftop solar systems, with the government offering subsidies to facilitate this transition.



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