Sagar Azad – Journey with Anecdote Publishing House and Champ Readers


In an amazing journey through the world of stories, Sagar Azad has emerged as a prominent figure and an astute businessman who is revolutionizing the publishing industry. Anecdote Publishing House and Champ Readers, his two major businesses, are flourishing and receiving worldwide attention.

Helping Writers, Making Readers Happy: Anecdote Publishing House

In the literature world, Anecdote Publishing House is the leading book publishing company founded by Sagar Azad to ensure that talented writers from all around the world may find excellent readers through its platform. The house is a team of book enthusiasts that supports authors by providing several platforms for their stories to be shared, including print, electronic, and audiobooks. Based out of Kota Rajasthan Anecdote publishing house prioritises quality over quantity. It publishes about a good number of  books a year in the following genres: fiction, history, autobiography, travel, business, popular culture, and non-fiction.

Champ Readers: Making Reading Cool

With Sagar Azad at the helm, Champ Readers is breaking records and doing feats never seen in literature. It’s important to inspire young people to read, together with publishing new books. Reading is being made fun, especially for students, by Champ Readers.

Trying New Things for Great Books

Anecdote Publishing House continues to explore new and exciting approaches to enhancing publications. Sagar Azad manages the professional development of authors and other industry professionals. To ensure that books are outstanding from beginning to end, he has put together a group of writers, editors, designers and other professionals involved in the creation of a book.

Sagar Azad: Early Life

Sagar Azad was born in 1990 in Jabalpur. Despite surviving difficult circumstances, he always believed he had what it took to succeed in business. He began his journey with literature when he was 26 years old. He is now making India proud in the publishing industry, much like a notable figure.

Claim to Fame – Sagar Azad

Sagar Azad is a recipient of numerous awards for his outstanding accomplishments with literature. He received honors such as the Ed Innova Award of Distinction in 2023, the Pride of Nation Award in 2023, and the Icons of Asia Award in 2022. These accolades demonstrate his significant global impact.



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