Salary Crisis: GB Pant Hospital Cleaners Threaten Strike


Unsettled Salaries Cause Distress

The salary crisis has hit hard for 32 cleaners employed at GB Pant Hospital and college hostels in Agartala. The distressing situation arises from the non-payment of salaries for an alarming five consecutive months. The cleaning staff, managed by contractor Sahadeb Majumdar, finds themselves in dire straits due to the prolonged delay in settling government bills.

Salary Crisis: Threat of Strike Looms

The cleaners, faced with financial woes, have voiced their grievances and issued a stern warning—they will go on strike if their arrears are not promptly addressed. Despite attempts to resolve the matter through discussions with the hospital’s Medical Superintendent and hostel officials, the workers claim to have received mere assurances without any tangible resolution.

Salary Crisis

Broken Promises Heighten Frustration

The situation reached a tipping point when the staff, promised Rs 5,000 each along with the accumulated Rs 25,000 for the past five months, found themselves met with further assurances and no actual disbursement of funds. Frustrated with the broken promises, the workers have initiated a protest, escalating their stance and threatening a full-fledged strike.

Burden of Salary Delays

Several sanitation workers, including Sumati Sarkar, shared instances of facing similar challenges in the past, with salaries withheld for as long as 14 months. The financial burden on the workers has led them to take loans to sustain their families during this extended period of salary drought.

Urgent Call for Resolution

Urgently calling for the settlement of their dues, the workers are determined to continue their agitation until their financial grievances are addressed. As tensions rise and the specter of a strike looms, attention is focused on both the contractor and government authorities to expedite the resolution of payment issues. The well-being of the dedicated cleaning staff at GB Hospital is at stake, underscoring the need for prompt and effective action to alleviate their financial struggles.



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