Section 144 Imposed in all Subdivisions Having 21 Counting Centres, to Prevent Gatherings


The state administration, at the direction of the election commission, has imposed Section 144 prohibitory orders in all subdivisions with counting centers in order to prevent any potential incidents and large gatherings of people. The district magistrates of the concerned districts have issued separate orders for subdivisional areas with counting centers. The prohibitory orders will remain in effect from 6:00 PM today until 6:00 PM on March 3rd, which is 48 hours.

Under the orders, not more than five people will be allowed to move around outside the counting centers and in towns where the centers are located. The reason for the prohibitory orders is the possibility of political violence and clashes following the announcement of the results of the assembly polls tomorrow. Heavy deployment of security forces will be made tomorrow and the day after tomorrow to prevent any untoward incidents.



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