Security Tightened Ahead Vote Counting, in Tripura


The Chief Secretary J K Sinha, the Chief Electoral Officer Kiran Gitte, and the Director General of Police Amitabh Ranjan have taken necessary steps to ensure the smooth and peaceful vote counting process in Tripura on March 2. They have instructed to provide adequate security arrangements in all counting stations and across the state, and have intensified patrolling and set up nakas to prevent any untoward situation.

The deployment of state police, Tripura State Rifles (TSR), and Central Armed Police Force (CAPF), as well as flag marches and random checking in cars and hotels, are some of the measures being taken to ensure security. The DGP is closely monitoring the preparations.

It is also encouraging to see that all political parties have been requested to maintain peace and harmony during and after the counting process. This is a positive step towards ensuring free and fair elections and promoting a peaceful democratic process.



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