Semai’s Demand Increased on the Occasion of Eid Festival


April 21 or 22, the main festival of Muslims is Eid. The demand for semai in the state is peaking around the Eid festival. In keeping with the demand, the production in the factory has also been increased.

Eid is the main festival of Muslims. After a month of fasting, the Eid festival will be held on April 21 or 22 when the moon is seen. A wave of jubilation is already being observed among the minority. Muslim community around the Eid festival. Muslims are flocking to buy various food items including clothes and fruits in the bazaar. The demand for Semai increases every year during the Eid festival This year is no exception Rather than other years, the demand for semai has increased a lot this year. The work of making samai in wartime activities is going on in the samai making factory. Workers are working day and night. A worker at a semai manufacturing factory said that there is enough demand in the market. He said that Semai is made at all times of the year, but due to the increase in demand on the occasion of Eid festival, the production of Semai factory increases several times at this time every year.



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