Shahid Regal, The Silver Signature, Clinches Best Innovative City Designer (Delhi) Award at National Designer Awards 2023


Mumbai: In a triumphant moment for the world of fashion, Shahid Regal, the creative force behind ‘The Silver Signature,’ emerged victorious at the National Designer Awards 2023. Shahid’s distinctive designs and innovative approach to city-inspired fashion secured him the prestigious title of Best Innovative City Designer (Delhi) 2023.

Shahid Regal, son of Mr. Zahir Ahmed, a seasoned tailor, embarked on his journey into the world of fashion under the tutelage of his father. Witnessing the relentless hard work and dedication of his father, Shahid chose to follow in his footsteps. The story took a turn when Shahid discovered an event organized by the World Designing Forum (WDF) online. Eager to showcase his designs on a grand stage, Shahid inquired about the event and, with gratitude, acknowledges Ankush Sir for providing him with the opportunity to participate in the National Designer Awards Season 6.

Shahid Regal attributes a significant part of his success to his father, Mr. Zahir Ahmed, whose years of experience as a tailor inspired Shahid to delve into the world of fashion. The invaluable lessons learned from his father’s journey formed the foundation for Shahid’s innovative and city-inspired designs.

Shahid Regal envisions a fashion landscape that transcends boundaries and embraces the diversity of cultures worldwide, with a special emphasis on promoting the essence of Indian fashion.

Shahid Regal’s unique approach to fashion, blending tradition with innovation, earned him the title of Best Innovative City Designer (Delhi) at the National Designer Awards 2023. This recognition stands as a testament to his creative prowess and commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion.

In his message, Shahid Regal extends his appreciation to the talented workers who contribute to the intricacy and craftsmanship of his designs. He emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

As ‘The Silver Signature’ continues to make waves in the fashion industry, Shahid Regal’s innovative designs promise to redefine city-inspired fashion, creating a unique blend of tradition and modernity.



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