Tragic NIT Bus Accident Leaves Twenty Students Injured, One Man Dead in Sabroom


In a harrowing incident with potentially catastrophic consequences, a bus carrying twenty students and teachers from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) met with an accident near Kobra Khamar and Chakbasta area in Jirania subdivision. The unfortunate incident occurred at around 9:00 AM when the third NIT bus in a convoy lost control and slipped into a roadside pond. While the first two buses passed the area unscathed, the third bus’s mishap led to a frantic rescue operation by locals.

Swift response from local residents, along with the arrival of Fire Brigade vans and police personnel, resulted in the successful extraction of students and teachers trapped inside the submerged bus. Although the names and addresses of the injured students remain undisclosed by police sources, it is reported that twenty individuals, including a few teachers, were rescued and immediately provided with medical assistance.Professors Dr Prasun Chakraborty and Dr Manish Paul from NIT confirmed that four of the injured students were initially taken to ILS hospital but are being transferred to GBP hospital in Agartala for further treatment. Other students received first aid at GBP hospital and were subsequently released. Concerned parents and guardians rushed to GBP and ILS hospitals upon hearing about the accident, anxiously inquiring about the well-being of their children.The elderly bus driver stated that the accident occurred while attempting to maneuver a turn, resulting in the bus submerging into the pond. A sizable crowd of worried parents continues to gather at GBP hospital, awaiting updates on the condition of their wards.Expressing his sorrow and concern, Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha conveyed a message through social media, instructing the local administration to provide all possible assistance to the victims. He extended heartfelt prayers for the health and well-being of the students, teachers, and faculty members involved in the unfortunate incident.In a separate and equally tragic incident, a young man named Subrata Malakar lost his life in Sabroom after being struck by a speeding truck. The manager and store-keeper of a private go-down was commuting to his workplace on his Scooty when the fatal accident occurred. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Malakar was pronounced dead. The incidents have left the community in shock, emphasizing the need for heightened road safety measures.



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