Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika: A Haven of 350 Medicinal Plants and Natural Beauty in Haryana


Nestled in the tranquil village Untla in Panipat district, Haryana, lies the peaceful sanctuary of Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika. Spread over two acres, this natural wonderland boasts over 350 varieties of medicinal plants, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking natural healing solutions.

Sunil Kumar Aaryan, the custodian of Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika, is India’s only Akshar Dhwani (Word Sound Power) Expert who has trained hundreds of Astrologers and Vastu scholars in Akshar Dhwani Science. According to him, the natural resources and solar energy available in the Vatika can be immensely beneficial for people suffering from mental stress and addiction.

Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika is maintained by Sunil Kumar Aaryan, who is an expert in Vastu Shastra, Geology, Astrology, Naturopathy, Palmistry, and Numerology. He is the only scholar with specialized training in Shaapit Vaastu Shastra, Shatru Shaman Chausath Yogini Vaastu, Vishnu Chakra Healing, and Cosmic Energy.

The Vatika’s main objective is the Medicine Free India Campaign, which provides medical support through astrology free of cost every Friday. Patients are advised on the diet related to planets and constellations, and medicinal plants are propagated to perform Yagya in homes according to medicine. People have been benefiting from this methodology for years, and efforts are being made to plant thousands of medicinal plants at the custodian’s expense in many districts and hundreds of villages of Haryana.

Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika aims to provide 100% relief to people from all problems and become a special and peaceful shelter for them. Any person can get a solution to any physical, mental, or social problem free of cost every Friday, and personal consultation is also available as per the rules. However, visitors are requested to make an appointment by calling in advance to save time and money.

Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika encourages people who have been struggling with their daily problems for years to visit and rebuild their disrupted lives. Sunil Kumar Aaryan urges everyone to spread the word and invite more people to experience the peace and natural healing of this abode.

Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika is a sanctuary of natural beauty and medicinal plants, spread over two acres in District Panipat Village Untla of Haryana State. The place is fully maintained by Sunil Kumar Aaryan, an expert in Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Geology, Naturopathy, Palmistry, and Numerology. The objective of the Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika is to provide 100% relief to people from all problems and become a peaceful shelter for them. The Medicine Free India Campaign is an initiative under which medical support through astrology is provided free of cost every Friday of the week. People are benefiting from the natural resources and solar energy available at Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika. The place invites scholars who are interested in exploring Astrology and Vastu Science to give training on subjects related to the energy of the universe. You can connect with Sunil Kumar Aaryan on WhatsApp: 9050090511, 9812621119 or visit to learn more. Visit Shri Shri Navagraha Vatika to experience peace and natural healing for all your economic, social, and mental problems.



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