Siliguri-Dhubri Express: NFR Adds Kokrajhar Stoppage for Enhanced Connectivity


The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) has introduced a new stoppage for the Siliguri-Dhubri Intercity Express, enhancing connectivity and convenience for passengers in the region.

Starting from the upcoming week, the Intercity Express will make a brief yet significant halt at Kokrajhar Junction. This move comes as a response to the long-standing demand from the local populace, aimed at better accessibility to and from Kokrajhar.

The new stoppage will not only cater to the residents of Kokrajhar but also benefit travelers from nearby areas who had to previously rely on other modes of transportation for reaching their destinations. The move is expected to boost the overall rail connectivity in the region.

This strategic decision by the NFR management aims to enhance passenger satisfaction and meet the growing transportation needs of the local population. The short stoppage at Kokrajhar Junction will open up opportunities for tourism, trade, and business in the area, fostering economic growth.

Passengers have greeted the news with enthusiasm, as the added stoppage is set to cut down travel time and offer more convenient options. Besides, this development aligns with the Indian Railways’ commitment to improving passenger services and infrastructure.

About Safety And Ease Of Passengers

NFR officials expressed their dedication to ensuring the safety and convenience of passengers. The decision was made after careful consideration of the operational feasibility and logistical aspects of implementing the new stoppage. The Siliguri-Dhubri Intercity Express has become a crucial lifeline for commuters and traders alike, connecting the regions of North Bengal and Assam. Moreover, the new stoppage at Kokrajhar Junction is seen as a milestone in the rail network’s expansion and accessibility.

Passengers traveling on the Siliguri-Dhubri Intercity Express will now have the opportunity to explore the vibrant culture, heritage, and natural beauty of Kokrajhar. Also, local businesses and the tourism industry are expected to witness a notable upswing in the wake of this development. The NFR’s commitment to improving rail services is evident in this strategic decision to add Kokrajhar Junction to the Siliguri-Dhubri Intercity Express route. The move is poised to foster socio-economic development in the region and make rail travel more accessible and efficient for the people it serves.

This new stoppage is a testament to the Indian Railways’ responsiveness to the needs and demands of its passengers and the regions it connects. Further, with the Siliguri-Dhubri Intercity Express’s extended reach, residents and travelers can look forward to a more convenient and connected future.



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