Sporadic Incidents Amid Vote Counting Affected Police Officials too


Amidst the counting of the 11th Assembly elections in Tripura, sporadic incidents have created extreme tension in some places. Chakmaghat area of Krishnapur Assembly Constituency ignited with political violence during the counting of votes. Sub-Divisional Police Officer Prasoon Kanti Tripura was injured in the attack. On the other hand, miscreants attacked Shantibazar and Vishalgarh Sadar sub-divisional offices during counting.

The affected Sub-Divisional Police Officer Prasoon Kanti Tripura said that during the counting of votes some supporters of Tipra Motha activists attacked the Mandal office of BJP. He said that he vandalized the car placed in front of the BJP Mandal office. The Tipra Motha-sponsored miscreants also attacked Bharatiya Janata Party functionaries. When he went forward to deal with the situation, he was also attacked by them. His bodyguards were also attacked by Tipra Matha activists, he said.

Meanwhile, miscreants hurled bombs at a house in front of Vishalgarh Sub-Divisional Ruler’s office during counting. On the other hand, the supporters of Tipra Motha attacked Shantirbazar sub-district administration office. Vandalized various things in the office. Security personnel resorted to baton charge to bring the situation under control. Also, there are reports of attacks in several places.



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