50 Rupees Increase in LPG Cylinder Price as Soon as the Polls are Over


Consumers have expressed their displeasure over the news of an increase in cooking gas prices by Rs 50 per cylinder. On the one hand, the increase in the price of daily products, on the other hand, the increase in the price of cooking gas cannot be accepted by the common people.

There is no subsidy on cooking gas Even if they get a subsidy of 150 taka per cylinder in some months, it has become difficult for the poor people to collect gas. Ahead of the elections in the three states of the North Eastern region, various political parties including the ruling party made appeals to the people However, immediately after the end of the polling phase, the price of cooking gas was increased by Tk 50 per cylinder and showed the real mentality of the government.

Various political organizations are already preparing to go on strike to protest against the increase in cooking gas prices. After the elections, the price of each cylinder has increased from this month 50 per cylinder price increase announced. The middle class is in trouble.

They are angry that they are forced to buy cylinders at an increased price Last month price per cylinder was Rs.1183 This month the price of gas cylinder has increased by 1233 taka 78 paisa. The price has increased by Rs. 50 per gas cylinder Meanwhile, if this gas cylinder is delivered to the house, a consumer had to pay 1213 taka 50 paisa. This month the price has increased to 1263 taka 50 paisa.

Here too there has been an increase of Rs On the other hand, the price of 19 kg gas cylinder was Tk 2217 earlier. This month it has increased to Tk. 2546 The previous price of 10 kg cylinder was 863 taka 50 paisa. Now that price has increased to 898 rupees. The gas agency worker said that the price of 14 kg 200 gram gas cylinders used regularly has increased by Tk 50. Gas prices have not increased for the past several days, Finally, he said that this price has increased from March 1. The increase in the price of gas cylinder has once again caused a fold of thought on the forehead of the middle class. They are angry about this price increase.



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