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Are you struggling to provide optimal employee commutes? Switch your legacy system for an employee transportation management software.

One of the quickest ways to improve employee experience is by taking care of their work commute. Be it for office jobs, off-site travel, or factory and construction sites, offering commute options to employees boost their morale. It can also make employees more punctual and productive.

Many companies worldwide recognize the benefits of providing employee transportation. As a result, they often tie up with third-party shuttle service providers to do so. But outsourcing employee transportation makes it harder to keep track of employee movement in real-time. Managing cost-effective schedules, routes, and safety is also tricky.

This is where technology-led automation helps. A digital employee transportation management software allows managers and relevant authorities to track and manage the physical movement of employees. This digital tool also helps with automating commute schedules, planning for ad-hoc employee commutes, keeping a check on billing, and much more.

5 Reasons to Switch to Employee Transportation Management Software

  1. Won’t it be great if all your office employees or site workers reach their designated work locations on time? This would ensure the timely meeting of deadlines and better collaboration between teams. An employee transportation management software can help with this, as it provides a screenshot of critical data through a unified interface.

You can track and manage different aspects of employee commutes. 24×7 operations, multiple pick and drop locations, different vehicle numbers and classes for different designations of workers, etc are all taken care of.

Calling or maintaining registers to manage transport can lead to a logistical nightmare. In contrast, an employee transportation management software embedded with a GPS tracker aids with fleet deployment and monitoring, invoicing, recording shuttle attendance, and much more.

Equipping your transportation administrator with an employee transportation management software makes staff mobility transparent. These individuals are better informed about employee transportation in real time, which makes the entire process more efficient.

2. An Employee Transportation Management Software Optimizes Costs  

You cannot answer the following questions without an employee transportation management software.

  • Relevant trip details can help you optimize employee commutes and cut mobility costs.

Safe to say, it is difficult to know whether you are overbooking or underbooking shuttles. Not to mention, if you overbook your shuttles, you will have unsatisfied commuters. But if you underbook them, you increase the total cost per commute.

An employee transportation management software can address all these concerns by providing detailed analytics on routes traveled and shuttle vacancies. This information can help you reroute shuttles to optimize costs.

Since employee transportation management softwares automate several critical aspects of staff mobility, you can get more work done by hiring fewer people. This leads to a significant reduction in staffing costs.

3. An Employee Transportation Management Software Enhances Safety, Especially Women’s Safety

Employee safety is one of the primary concerns for staff mobility. This is true for any company, whether they have workers coming into an office or traveling to factory sites. Additionally, safety is an even bigger concern, with more and more companies hiring women for various roles that may involve odd shift timings.

This is where technology plays a critical role. An employee transportation management software features panic buttons, emergency alarms, and real-time tracking. These safety features are missing in legacy systems that often run on manual calls and commands.

An employee transportation management software constantly exchanges data with the managers, who can access every shuttle’s position and occupancy at any given time. If they spot something fishy, they can instantly take action by calling the driver or other relevant authorities. These safety features of an employee transportation management software improve the safety of all employees.

4. An Employee Transportation Management Software Maintains Payment Compliance

Employee transportation has historically been phone and paper-based. This is true for aspects such as route planning and scheduling and invoicing, and collecting payment receipts. Unfortunately, basing billing on legacy systems often leads to loss of revenue, corruption, or simply negligence of payment. Simply put, you are creating opacity when you are not posting payments or refunds on a digital platform.

In such cases, compliance is essential – something you can quickly get by using an employee transportation management software. This system offers automated billing features that make the entire invoicing and billing process paperless. Different users can find records of every invoice generated, payment made, and refund received.

5. An Employee Transportation Management Software Accessible on Any Device

An employee transportation management software is typically hosted on a cloud, which makes it easier to access and distribute. It runs on most operating software across devices. Every user has access to different features based on their designation.

Employees can use this tool to raise complaints, live chat, place requests, or reserve shuttles as long as they have an account with the employee transportation management software. Managers receive requests of all kinds and send pointed resolutions to every employee.

This creates a mobility ecosystem that is automated and transparent.

Parting Thoughts

By optimizing employee commutes, businesses can optimize employee work hours and productivity. And the most effective way to do this is by investing in a digital solution.

Consider MoveInSync if you are looking for an end-to-end employee transportation management software. This SaaS employee transportation management software can help automate employee transportation operations.

From tracking shuttles and routing to scheduling pick and drop points, there is a lot you can do through this app. But that is not all. No matter your company’s size or budget, you can customize our solution to work for you. Visit our pricing plans to learn more.

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