Teenage Maverick Amallaj KP Clinches Youngest UNESCO-ICCN Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2023


Kozhikode: In a groundbreaking moment, 19-year-old visionary Amallaj KP, the mastermind behind the global sensation Ellazia, has been crowned the “Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year 2023” by UNESCO-ICCN on the auspicious date of 11-11-2023 at The Ravi’s Kadavu. The award, presented by Julio Raman Blasco Nacher (ICCN General Secretary) in the presence of dignitaries Shri. Adv. P.S. Sreedharan Pillai (Honourable Governor of Goa), Shri. Shashi Tharoor (Honourable Member of Parliament), Shri. MK Raghavan(Honourable Member of Parliament), Rajendran Vellapalath (CEO-TP Connects Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd), and Dr. Abdul Salam Mohammed (CEO, Markaz Knowledge City), cements Amallaj’s status as a fashion maverick reshaping the industry landscape.

Amallaj’s entrepreneurial saga kicked off at an unprecedented age of 15 when most peers were navigating the intricacies of adolescence. While we were grappling with quadratic equations, Amallaj was orchestrating a fashion revolution, rolling up his sleeves to build the door to triumph himself.

At 16, Ellazia was born—not just a clothing brand, but a movement. It transcended fashion, becoming a beacon for affordable, high-quality style for everyday individuals. Amallaj, armed with determination and a talent for transforming setbacks into runway comebacks, faced challenges like a true fashion warrior.

Now, at 19, Amallaj runs a hot show. Ellazia’s showroom is not just a shopping haven; it’s a sanctuary of affordable fashion, with creations strutting their stuff across four countries—a global coup led by a teenager with a sewing machine and a dream.

Amallaj isn’t just the MD of Ellazia; he’s a disruptor, a trendsetter, a fashion maverick who declared that being ordinary was so last season. The UNESCO-ICCN award underscores his exceptional contributions and impact on the fashion industry.

The Inter-City Intangible Cultural Cooperation Network ICCN- UNESCO, the prestigious platform behind the award, recognizes outstanding contributions globally, fostering innovation and excellence.

Amallaj KP’s story is not just about success; it’s about a teenager who refused to color inside the lines, turning the fashion industry upside down and shaking out all the loose change for the rest of us.

Raise a toast to Amallaj KP, the teenage titan rewriting the rules of the fashion game!




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