The 6Ps hidden in your date of birth, Personality, Potential, Passion, Path, Psychology and Prosperity Let’s discover it with Awarded Numerologist and Spiritual Life Coach Vaishali Jain


Achieving a happy and a peaceful life is a lifelong journey, as to reach to the top of the ladder, we need to walk through many challenges, have to cross lot of hurdles, need to make many milestone, and much more, so, on the journey of life NUMEROLOGY is one science and belief system which not only tells us specific qualities and attributes of a human but can bring success by aligning our energies with our most favourable numbers because each number present in the date of birth is associated with specific planets, traits and tendencies that can give us insights into our strengths and weaknesses and based on that we can choose between the career choices and make the successful endeavours for ourselves.

1. Calculate Your Life Path Number: To begin,calculate your Life Path Number using your birthdate.Refer any available online calculator.

2. Identify Your Strengths and Interests: Based onyour Life Path Number and its associatedcharacteristics, identify your strengths and areas ofinterest. Consider what you are naturally and MatchYour Number to Suitable Careers which is alignedwith your strengths and interests. Look for careersthat allow you to express the qualities associated withyour Life Path Number.

Here’s a brief overview of the planets and theirsignificance for each number:

1. Number 1 (Ruled by the Sun):

– Significance:Leadership, individuality, ambition,self-expression, and creativity.

– Qualities: Leadership, individuality, creativity.

– Associated Jobs: CEO, government leader, actor,artist, entrepreneur.

2. Number 2 (Ruled by the Moon):

– Significance: Cooperation, diplomacy, intuition,harmony, and partnerships.

– Qualities: Emotion, intuition, nurturing.

– Associated Jobs: Psychologist, nurse, chef, childcaregiver, therapist.

3. Number 3 (Ruled by Jupiter):

– Significance: Communication, optimism, creativity, self- expression, and social interaction.

– * Qualities: Expansion, abundance, luck.

– Associated Jobs: Financial advisor, teacher, travel agent, philosopher, researcher.

4. Number 4 (Ruled by Uranus):

– Significance: Stability, structure, practicality, and a focus on building a strong foundation.

– Qualities: Innovation, rebellion, change.

– Associated Jobs: Inventor, technology specialist, scientist, social activist.

5. Number 5 (Ruled by Mercury):

– Significance: Adaptability, versatility, communication, and a desire for variety and change.

– Qualities: Communication, intellect, adaptability.

– Associated Jobs: Writer, journalist, teacher, public speaker, translator.

6. Number 6 (Ruled by Venus):

– Significance: Love, relationships, harmony, nurturing, and a focus on family and community.

– Qualities: Love, beauty, harmony.

– Associated Jobs: Fashion designer, artist, interior decorator, musician, relationship counselor.

7. Number 7 (Ruled by Neptune):

– Significance: Spirituality, introspection, intuition, and a quest for deeper understanding.

– Qualities: Imagination, intuition, spirituality.

– Associated Jobs: Artist, musician, therapist, psychologist, spiritual leader.

8. Number 8 (Ruled by Saturn):

– Significance: Material success, power, authority, and a focus on achievement and responsibility.

– Qualities: Discipline, structure, responsibility.

– Associated Jobs: Accountant, lawyer, architect, scientist, manager.

9. Number 9 (Ruled by Mars):

– Significance: Humanitarianism, compassion, idealism, and a desire to make the world a better place.

– Qualities: Energy, drive, ambition.

– Associated Jobs: Athlete, military personnel, engineer, surgeon, entrepreneur, Philanthropist

It is important to understand that just like all other subjects, Numerology has a huge and vast aspects to consider. Many other essential points needs to be evaluated and analyzed and this should be done under a proper professional and a spiritual advisor. With the correct choices and practices adviced one can achieve all the 6Ps for a better living.

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