The Benefits of a Healthy Living Environment for Children


We as adults know how much the environment that we live in impacts our attitude, productivity at work, interpersonal skills, and even our health. Consider how drastically this can affect growing children, their overall development can be better or worse, depending on their living environment.

It is simple to push your child to develop excellent habits, study more effectively, perform better on tests, and meet your expectations, but it can be difficult to provide them with positive reinforcement. The setting in which your child lives has a significant impact on their ability to learn and their holistic development.

When we refer to the environment, we don’t just mean the air we breathe or the scenery we see; rather we mean the people around us, their behavior, and a number of other things. Does it sound confusing or  Did you have a clear understanding of the same? Whichever side you’re on, take a look at the components listed below and you’ll get to know what we’re trying to put forward!

Here are some benefits of a Healthy Living Environment for Children

  • Boosts Confidence

Allowing your child to choose how he interacts with nature gives him the ability to manage his own behavior. There are countless opportunities to interact with outside spaces, from the backyard to the park to the nearby hiking trail or lake.

  • Encourages creativity & imagination

Children can meaningfully engage with their surroundings through this unstructured style of play. They are more creative, have more mental flexibility, and are able to design their own activities.

  • Imparts a sense of duty.

Giving a child responsibility for the living elements of their environment teaches them about the consequences of neglecting to water a plant or pulling out a flower by the roots. Living things die if they are abused or not cared for properly.

  • Makes them physically fit

Regular exercise can help kids and teenagers lose weight, control their weight, increase their cardiorespiratory fitness, and lessen their symptoms of anxiety and despair. Depending on their age, children require different amounts of physical activity.

Ashiana Umang – Provides a healthy Living Environment

Ashiana Umang – the Largest Kid Centric Home in Jaipur can be the ideal environment that your children might’ve been missing out on! Well located near Mahindra SEZ and prominent schools like Jayshree Periwal International School, Delhi Public School (DPS), St. Xavier’s School, Radcliffe School, Kidzee Play School, etc., Umang provides multiple facilities for children as well as adults. Being a Kid Centric Homes project, Umang comes with multiple sports facilities, games, a playing area, a swimming pool, a library, a reading room, an art & craft room, etc. Umang also features Ashiana’s signature Learning Hub that focuses on conducting a mixed bag of left-brain and right-brain activation activities for the kids — this not only ignites their interest in multiple domains but also helps them develop into multi-faceted personalities of tomorrow! Being a KCH should not mean neglect of adults, hence, facilities like a gymnasium, table tennis, billiards, adults swimming pool, space for a cafe, etc. are also well-present on the Umang Campus.

Ashiana Umang comes with 2BHK and 3BHK high-rise apartments, and owing to the popular demand, the registrations are likely to close soon. Visit Ashiana Housing’s website to know more!



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