The Fight for Opposition: ‘Tipra Motha’ Party Asserts Claim with Strong Legislative Presence


The regional political party ‘Tipra Motha’ with a significant presence of 13 MLAs in the sixty-member assembly has demanded recognition as the official opposition party. In a letter sent to the protem speaker, Benoy Bhusan Das, the party has requested the appointment of MLA Animesh Debbarma as the leader of the opposition, Brishaketu Debbarma as the deputy leader of the opposition, and Chitta Debbarma as the chief whip of the party in the assembly.

Although the final decision rests with the protem speaker or speaker, ‘Tipra Motha’ has a strong case for recognition as the CPI(M) and Congress are separate entities in the assembly, despite having fought the assembly polls in seat adjustment with each other. While the CPI(M) has 11 MLAs, the Congress only has 3.

According to sources, Animesh Debbarma’s past experience as an MLA and deputy chief executive member in the ADC since April 2021 has made him a top contender for the position of leader of the opposition. Chitta Debbarma’s educational qualifications and experience as a retired government officer who worked as an executive member of ADC over the past two years make him a strong candidate for the chief whip position. Brishaketu, a young lawyer, is also being considered for the deputy leader of the opposition position.

The decision of the protem speaker or speaker is expected to be communicated soon, and it remains to be seen if ‘Tipra Motha’ will be officially recognized as the opposition party.



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