TIPRA Motha Chairman Appoints Committee to Evaluate Party’s Performance in State Assembly Elections: Report to be Submitted in Two Months


In a bid to strengthen its position and improve its performance in the state assembly elections, TIPRA Motha president BK Hrangkhawal will lead a five-member committee to review the party’s performance. The four other members of the committee are ADC Chairman Jagadish Debbarma, Mever Kumar Jamatia, Rajeswar Debbarma, and Buddhu Debbarma.

The committee has been appointed by Pradyot Bikram Kishor, Chairman of the party, who has instructed them to submit the report within two months. The committee will evaluate the party’s performance in the recent state assembly elections and suggest measures that can be taken to improve the party’s position among the people.

Speaking about the decision to form the committee, Pradyot Bikram Kishor said in a social media post, “I have appointed a five-member team to evaluate our performance in the recent Assembly elections and submit a report within two months on how we can improve even more in the future as a party. They will be meeting candidates, workers, and people at large and try to find out our strengths and weaknesses so that we can make our party stronger.”

The committee’s mandate is to conduct a comprehensive review of the party’s performance in the state assembly elections and identify the reasons behind its success and failures. They will be meeting with candidates, party workers, and members of the public to gather feedback and suggestions on how the party can improve its performance in the future.

The appointment of the committee is seen as a positive step towards strengthening the TIPRA Motha party’s position in the state. With the upcoming state assembly elections, the party is looking to improve its performance and increase its support among the people.

The committee’s report will be eagerly awaited by party members and supporters alike, and it is expected to provide valuable insights into the party’s performance and future direction. The TIPRA Motha party will be hoping that the committee’s recommendations will help them to build on their strengths and address their weaknesses, as they strive to become a stronger force in the state’s political landscape.



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