The Inspiring Journey of R Sachin Kumar, Founder of Digicorn Webultrasolution: An Exclusive Interview


In this exclusive interview, we sit down with R Sachin Kumar, the visionary founder of Digicorn Webultrasolution Pvt Ltd to learn about his inspiring journey and the challenges he overcame to create a successful tech company.

Question: Can you provide some background information and explain how you developed an interest in your field?

My parents instilled in me the importance of education and a stable career, which led me to pursue a degree in engineering. However, during my second year of B.Tech in 2017, my parents informed me that they could no longer provide me with pocket money. This news was difficult to process, and I realised that I needed to find a way to support myself financially. Despite having limited technical knowledge, I decided to enrol in a software development course with my friends, Deepak and Ajit, and started freelancing. At first, I mined data from various domains and made modifications based on my clients’ requirements.

Question: What are some of your biggest accomplishments or successes?

When I first started working in software, I never expected to achieve the level of success that I have today. I have developed new skills, such as web development, gained experience in server management, attended seminars, and learned a lot of things that I doubt I would have learned had I joined any other company. I am also proud of the fact that I founded my own company, Webultrasolution,in 2017 with a team of five people.

Question: What challenges have you faced in your career, and how have you overcome them?

Throughout my career, I have encountered a multitude of challenges. These challenges began when I was attending college and trying to balance my studies while also establishing my own company. I constantly worried about competition and the possibility of failure. Thankfully, my brother, Rajeev Kumar, and my colleague, Rohit bhaiya, provided me with constant motivation to persevere. By staying motivated and working hard towards my goals, I was able to overcome these challenges. As a result, after completing my college education, I was able to provide jobs to five people.

Question: Can you please provide information about your current position and responsibilities?

Currently, I am responsible for managing a team of more than 17 members located in Noida. I am the owner of Webultrasolution and have founded over 10 start-ups. Additionally, I hold the position of founder and managing director at Digicorn Webultrasolution Pvt Ltd. Furthermore, I serve as a board member at the Umran Green Perspective Foundation, which is a non-governmental organization.

Question: What is the primary source of motivation in your work and personal life?

My biggest motivation, both professionally and personally, is my brother, Rajeev Kumar. He has been supporting me since the beginning of my journey and continuously encourages me to persevere while reminding me of my successes. He always tells me, “Sachin, you are doing well.”

Question: Could you please share with us information about a project or initiative that you are presently working on?

At the moment, my team and I are engaged in the development of SaaS-based software that comprises HRM, CRM, and ERP systems, which are in line with the latest market trends. Besides, we are also working on a platform that integrates different services, such as SMS/VOIP/call center/OBD, along with other marketing tools. Moreover, we have recently launched an app called Brand Bano, which creates daily posters, a school ERP, a hospital management system, and over 700 software products that have been developed by our team, and are available for immediate use.

Question: What are your future goals and aspirations?

My ultimate goal is to establish a successful product-based company in India. My vision is to list it as an MNC-level corporation that provides exceptional services with a large team of professionals.

Question: Could you share a personal anecdote or story that has influenced your life or career?

Whenever I face fear or uncertainty, I remember a valuable piece of advice that has stayed with me: to persevere through hard work and patience. This advice reminds me of a mother’s journey of carrying her child for nine months before giving birth to a beautiful baby. It inspires me to stay resilient and motivated to achieve my goals. I have learned that dedication and patience often lead to greater success than expected, and I always strive for the best, just as my brother has taught me.

The inspiring journey of R Sachin Kumar, the founder of Digicorn Webultrasolution, is a story of determination, hard work, and overcoming challenges. From struggling to support himself financially during college to establishing a successful tech company, Sachin’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance. Despite facing numerous obstacles, he never gave up on his dreams, and his passion for technology and innovation has led him to achieve great success. His story is an inspiration to anyone who is looking to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors and look forward to seeing what he will achieve next.


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