Two Youths Seriously Injured in Gang Attack in Tripura, Amid Holi Celebration


Holi festival was also celebrated in the state. All necessary measures were taken by the administration to ensure a peaceful celebration of Holi Moreover, several violent incidents have been reported from different parts of the state around Holi festival On Wednesday, several youths allegedly beat up two persons in Khejur Bagan area of New Capital Complex police station area.

Two persons were injured in this incident. They get hit on the head. On Holi, they got excited, Then while going from one person’s house to another’s house, ten people blocked their way on the road Affected people grumble about some issues with them.

Then Ashok Roy and Santosh Roy, residents of the locality, were attacked by 10 people. They were hit with sticks, iron rods and bricks. Two young men were bloodied by this Locals saw the matter and rescued two people in bloody condition and brought them to GB Hospital Currently, two injured people are undergoing treatment in hospital.

The two injured persons said they recognized ten people in this regard. They said that they will file a case against the accused youths at the NCC police station. Sensation spread in the area around this incident. After receiving information about the incident, the police rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control. However, there is no news of anyone being arrested in this regard Police activities are continuing to maintain peace in the area.



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