Electoral Terror Continues, Seven Shops Burnt Down in Kalamchoura


Electoral terror continues in Buxnagar. There is no end to shoplifting, burning of houses, looting and vandalism. The ruling party says that the opposition is doing this And the opposition says that the ruling party is doing it. But the last common businessman The shopkeeper’s wages are high.

Miscreants set fire to seven shops in North Kalamchoura Chowmunibazar on Tuesday night. Due to lack of fire service in Buxnagar, 7 shops were burnt to ashes Shops include pesticide shops, xerox computers, salon shops, vegetable shops Moreover, items from other shops were broken into and looted.

Things get lost Now all businessmen have their hands on their heads. Where will he get business opportunities, how will he live with his children, how will Gujran live in this situation. Despite the peace meeting held by the administration, now the atmosphere of unrest, peace and harmony is being destroyed. The administration needs to take stronger action. Several people were arrested in connection with the attack but got bail from the court. It is alleged that the ruling party terror is being established in most cases throughout the entire Buxnagar area. All in all, the general public is living in fear of election terrorism in the entire area.



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