The Military Forces Coming To Tripura have to do a COVID-19 Test


According to a leading health department expert, everyone allotted to the central paramilitary force who travels to Tripura for election activities would need to take the COVID-19 test. A set of 906 samples have been collected for the COVID-19 test, and within the past 24 hours, there have been no positive cases recorded.

It’s expected that 300 units of central troops will be used in the state for the election. Tripura will hold its next legislative elections in February 2023. Due to the rapid increase of COVID-19 instances in a few international countries, they have received an alert from the Center.

Debasish Bose, the health secretary for Tripura, said to the Press Trust of India Limited that the state was sticking to the direction given by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Affairs. According to him, a departmental instruction has been issued requesting that the management perform COVID-19 tests on security officers traveling from other different regions to Tripura to conduct election activities in the state.

The Paramilitary Forces who have symptoms of COVID-19 will only be subjected to a coronavirus test. The COVID-19 test will be taken at the railway platforms area, District Magistrate, and in the Sub-Divisional Magistrate offices. The state has not seen any concerning trends thus far, and no COVID-19-positive cases have been discovered over the last few days.

In the Northeastern State, there are deaths of 937 people due to coronavirus. The success rate is 4.11 percent whereas the recovery rate is 99.67 percent.