The Voice of “Greater Tipraland” reaches London.


Bubagra Pradyot Manikya takes the Greater Tipraland movement to UK. He spoke about the agendas behind the movement and his legacy for the Indigenous people of Tripura at Oxford University, London.

Bubagra Pradyot Manikya along with TEF President Mr. Sunil Kalai and MLA Mr. Brishaketu Debbarma went to attend the “Ideas for India Conference” which was held in London from 18 May 2022 to 20 May 2022. The conference was held mainly to bring together business, policy, and NRI leaders from the UK, India, Europe, and others to discuss India’s growth as an economy and as a nation.

In the interview in London, Bubagra Pradyot Manikya expressed that the demand for Greater Tipraland is within the Indian Constitution under Articles 2, 3, and 4 and his party The Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (TIPRA MOTHA) will not alliance with any political party until the demands are fulfilled. The importance of Greater Tipraland as conveyed by Bubagra is that the culture, language, identity, and even the existence of the Indigenous People of Tripura are under threat and the demand is to protect them.

“Our main agenda is the creation of Greater Tipraland which is under the Constitution of India under Articles 2, 3, and 4, and until we are not given that demand, we will not go along with any political party because it is important that we realize that our language, culture, identity, and even our existence is under threat” – said Bubagra.

On being asked about his demand being called ‘Anti-National’ Bubagra replied that his demands are not Anti-National and are under the Constitution of India. He also mentioned the creation of Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, and Telangana and said that if those were not Anti-National, how is his demand for Greater Tipraland is an Anti-National.

During his speech at the Oxford University, Bubagra said that he left the Congress and started his own party, and today he is proud of what he and his party has achieved.

“I was the president of the congress in my state party, but there were certain contradictions in my beliefs and what the congress party was doing at that time. Today I am extremely proud that my TIPRA MOTHA is not an offshoot of Congress, it is much bigger than the party” – said Bubagra Pradyot Manikya.

He also expressed his gratitude for being invited to Oxford University and to represent the North East and its people. Further, he spoke about his legacy to work for the Indigenous people of Tripura and spreading the word across countries.

“Today, me being invited here into the Oxford, I feel honored and humble but more importantly, I can go back to my state and talk to my people and tell them that people have started hearing who we are”, said Bubagra Pradyot Manikya. “The one thing I desire the most is the creditability, Commitment, a drive to prove something, a Legacy, which can only happen by spreading the words of Tiprasa outside the boundaries”– he added.

Bubagra Pradyot also spoke about the NRC, saying that it should not be based on religion but on illegal immigrants. The government of India should have a refugee policy to rehabilitate the refugees across the country equally and not just in one or two states.



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