Theft in Bishalgarh Anandmarg School


A group of thieves committed an adventurous robbery at Anandmarg school in Bishalgarh. The thieves stole goods worth 20 to 25 thousand rupees.
A group of thieves committed a daring robbery at Anandamarg school in Bishalgarh on Monday night.

The incident of theft came to the attention of the teachers at the school after the school opened on Tuesday morning. It is known that by cutting the fence of school’s store room, a group of thieves entered school and stole school’s valuables. On Tuesday, the Anandmarg school authorities lodged a complaint with the Vishalgarh police station. The school has requested the police administration to properly investigate the incident and arrest the thieves and take legal action against them. A teacher of the school said that it is believed that drug addicts organized this theft. Thieves have stolen goods worth 20 to 25 thousand rupees. Thieves have organized two thefts in the school with this.



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