Three Special Election Commission Officers To Review Preparations Of Poll


In Tripura, three special Election Commissions are arriving to review the Poll preparations. As the Assembly elections are ahead, a lot of preparations are going on. From safety measures to the convenience of the voter, everything is getting ready. The three special Election Commissions are Yogendra Tripathy, Vivek Johri, and B Murli Kumar. All three of them will hold a meeting with other senior officials of the state on Tuesday.

Other things like safety, strictness, politeness, etc will be discussed and reviewed by these officials. Also, these special officials will have separate meetings with district magistrates (DM). They will further move to Meghalaya on January 27.

According to the news, Tripathy will be reviewing everything related to elections, as he is the general observer. Johri will look after the police issues. And Murli Kumar will examine expenditure.

About 200 companies of central forces have already arrived in the state. They all are engaged in different areas of Northeastern states. Poll officials said, “If required, more central forces will be deployed, and now, there is no dearth of force for conducting free, fair, and peaceful elections.”



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