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Tipra Motha Holds the Record for Highest and Lowest Number of Votes Won in Tripura Assembly Elections


This is perhaps the first time in the history of Tripura assembly elections that a candidate has secured 86.81 percent votes in a seat. Biswajit Kal, the candidate of Tipra Motha, got 34717 votes in Takarjala constituency. A total of 39993 votes were cast in that centre. As a result, he received 86.81 percent votes. That candidate from Tipra Motha got the most votes in the twenty-third assembly election. Meanwhile, the candidate of Tipra Motha got the least number of votes. In Ambasa Constituency, Tipra Motha candidate Chitta Ranjan Debbarma got 15317 votes. His vote rate is 33.27 percent. He got the lowest number of votes among the winners in 60 assembly seats.

Meanwhile, among the BJP candidates, Pranajit Singh Roy secured the highest number of votes in Radhakishorpur constituency. He got 24421 votes. His vote rate is 56.07 percent. Similarly, BJP candidate Mylafru Mug in Manu constituency got least number of votes compared to other winning candidates of the party. He received 15469 votes and his polling rate was 34.5 percent.

Similarly, among the CPM candidates, Shyamal Chakraborty got the highest number of votes in Sonamura constituency. He received 20039 votes and his polling percentage was 50.47 percent. Meanwhile, in Rishyamukh constituency, CPM candidate Ashok Chandra Mitra got the lowest number of votes among the other winning candidates of the party. He got 19986 votes and his polling percentage was 46.37 percent.

Besides, among the three winning Congress candidates, Birjit Sinha got the highest number of votes in Kailashahar constituency. He received 25300 votes, and his polling percentage was 59.62 percent. Meanwhile, ruling coalition partner IPFT’s lone winning candidate Shukla Charan Nowatia got 17621 votes in Jolaibari constituency, and his vote share was 38.54 percent.

Nidhi Mishra
Nidhi Mishra
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