Tipra Motha Party Leader, MLA Biswajit Kalai Advocates Urgent Infrastructure Upgrades at Khumulwng Govt. Degree College


Biswajit Kalai, the leader of Tipra Motha Party and MLA, actively participated in the Fresher’s Meet held at Khumulwng Govt. Degree College. During the event, he engaged in discussions with the college principal regarding the urgent need for a boundary wall and an auditorium hall.

The college has been facing the absence of a boundary wall and an auditorium hall for a year, prompting concerns from students and local residents. Many speculate that this lack of infrastructure could be attributed to negligence on the part of the state government, particularly in indigenous areas.

Expressing the need for immediate attention to these matters, Biswajit Kalai emphasized the importance of providing essential facilities to educational institutions. The absence of a boundary wall not only compromises the security of the college but also raises questions about the government’s commitment to the development of educational infrastructure in indigenous regions.

Kalai’s active involvement in addressing these issues aligns with the broader concern for the improvement of educational facilities in Tripura. As discussions unfold between the college authorities and political leaders like Kalai, local residents hope for swift action to rectify the infrastructure gaps, ensuring a conducive learning environment for students at Khumulwng Govt. Degree College.



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