TIPRA Motha Releases Lists Of Candidates In 20 Seats


TIPRA Motha accompanied by royal scion Pradyot Kishore Debberma released its candidate list for Tripura on Saturday night. The list is of 20 seats inclusive of eight non-tribal constituencies in the state. However, The first list does not have the name Debbarma in it. And the second list will be out soon.

The party is nominating about 12 of its candidates in ST seats, that are reserved for it. The other two seats are for SC, and six are unreserved seats. Out of 60 assembly seats, 20 are reserved for ST.

It was declared that TIPRA Motha will be fighting the assembly polls all alone. The party’s candidates list for assembly polls was out within hours of IPFT’s declaration to carry on alliance with the current BJP. After that, they finalized about sharing their seats on Saturday.

Debbarma also tried to unite both parties. For that, he even wrote a letter to IPFT. As both parties are demanding the same thing.



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